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The Chalet Pillow Brinkhaus

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The absolute finest Down Filled Brinkhaus Pillows ever produced.  The Chalet pillow is a wonderfully soft down pillow, filled with 90% new white large cluster Siberian White Goose down, and 10% fine feathers (to provide some support)

Key Points: Cover:  made from Swiss 100% Cotton Nano-batist material. An ultra ultra light material and has a considerably higher and faster moisture absorption and disposal than any other available. This encourages a healthy, dry sleeping environment. The cover is also Medicott treated - a special non-chemical process that prevents dangerous moulds and spores from infiltrating the material - A plus for allergy sufferers. Easy to Clean - wash separately at up to 60 degrees. Comfort: Superb  - Soft yet Supportive. Fill Weight: standard pillow 50/75cm 550g