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The Chalet Cassette Super King Duvet Medium Warm Brinkhaus

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Brinkhaus Duvets and Brinkhaus Pillows are known for being the finest in the world. Therefore the Luxury Lifestyle Collection Duvets and Luxury Lifestyle Collection Pillows represent the finest of the finest - The Best of the Best! 

Large Cluster Free Range White Siberian Snow Goose Down is used in the manufacture of the Chalet Duvets. This filling is 100% pure and creates a lot of loft with very little weight. This ensures exceptional heat insulation and an optimum sleeping environment. The cover of the Chalet Duvets is made from ultra light 100% Cotton Nano-batiste material. This is an ultra ultra light material and has a considerably higher and faster moisture absorption and disposal than any other available. This encourages a healthy, dry sleeping environment. 

The cover is also Medicott treated - a special non-chemical process that prevents dangerous moulds and spores from infiltrating the material - A plus for allergy sufferers. 

Key Points: 260 x 240 cm 930 g Siberian snow goose down. Dry clean or wash separately up to 60°c.