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Luxury Aromatherapy Pillow Linen Mist Alpine Breeze 250ml

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A superbly relaxing aromatherapy for bed and home linen. Luxury Pillow Mists helps deliver deep relaxation before sleep and an intense feeling of well-being throughout the day. 

Experience a Classic Fragrance with a Modern Twist

Alpine Breeze is so fresh and uniquely captures the fragrance of fresh untreated pine needles creating a scent that is captivating and wonderfully fragrant.  Freshen up your home or office with Alpine Breeze, you will find it helps you to stay focused and positively engaged.

Details: Spray onto pillows and bed linen to aid falling asleep at night.  Can be used for home and personal linen and refreshes fabric fibres. Comes in a frosted spray bottle 250 ml. Made in Italy.