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BEM Luxury Scented Candles with Cover Arabian

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Traditional Scented Candles with a Modern Twist

Fragrance inspired by warm and complex spirits, with a citrus and fruity top note of Lime and Petitgrain which, after the initial freshness, gives way to an enveloping floral body of ylang, tuberose, jasmine narcissus iris that binds, warming up without alteration, to the amber and woody notes of the background composed by patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla.

Crafted in Italy

To craft our beautiful collection Luxury Artisan Scented Candles., BEA e MARTINA collaborated with some of the finest fragrance houses in Italy. Unique because their smell enchants your home and the wax will remain white for the duration you burn them. Soft elegant and romantic for a long-lasting fragrance.  Presented in elegant packaging perfect for gifting but also for adding style to your home décor or office space. The highest quality ingredients have been used to ensure the perfect mood setting scents for your home and longevity of scent. 

Details:  Gift Box. Made in Italy.