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BEM Home Diffuser Alpine Breeze 1000ml

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Experience a Fresh Fragrance 

BEA e MARTINA home fragrances feature scents you will not find anywhere else in the Middle East. 

Alpine Breeze Home Diffuser is so fresh and uniquely captures the fragrance of fresh untreated pine needles creating a scent that is captivating and wonderfully fragrant.  Freshen up your home or office with Alpine Breeze, you will find it helps you to stay focussed and positively engaged.

Crafted in Italy

To craft our beautiful home ambiance collection, BEA e MARTINA collaborated with some of the finest fragrance houses in Italy. Our ambiance fragrance range is luxurious and presented in elegant packaging perfect for gifting but also for adding style to your home décor or office space. The highest quality ingredients have been used to ensure the perfect mood setting scents for your home and longevity of scent. 

Sizes Available:   1000ml, 3000ml.