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Arctic Duck Down Pillow Brinkhaus

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The ultimate offering from Brinkhaus, at the very top of their Luxury Lifestyle range.

Combining an extremely high grade down cluster from the grey Arctic duck, with a fine silk and Tencel® casing, The artic duck pillow is an incredibly soft yet supportive.  The Tencel® (Lyocell) and silk casing is super soft, absorbent and resistant to wrinkles, providing a stunning smooth, soft texture that perfectly encases the precious down.

Details: 100% new silver white Arctic duck down. Weight 550 gm. Size Standard 50 x 75cm. Casing: finest satin, 63% lyocell (Tencel®) / 37% silk, down proof, Thread Count 449, cream colour with satin piping

Perfect teamed with the Mandarin Silk Filled Duvet.