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Anti Allergy Bauschi Lux Light Single Duvet Brinkhaus

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The Brinkhaus polyester range uses a man made filling with the best in luxury and ideal for those with allergies.

  • Only premier grade supple hollow fibre is used.
  • Washable and durable enabling frequent cleaning.
  • Cased in 100% Egyptian cotton satin.
  • There are three separate duvets in this range: Summer-light, medium and warm. Duvets can be combined with another using the nickel free metal press studs to give six different warmth options.

Key Points: Tog guide: 4.0 summer light casing: 100% Egyptian cotton satin, medicott treated, down-proof, 218 thread count stitching: squares stitching Washable  400gms  , 100% polyester hollow fibre.