Trends in Bathroom Accessories 2018

I think people today are getting much more discerning when it comes to accessories for the bathrooms, whether it is in a hotel or in your home.

I think if a hotel brings a unique and high quality product that can t be seeing in another property, make them special. You never forget of that special soap, special cream you tried in a property, or those super comfortable sleepers you used in a property. Bathrooms accessories play a very important role today in looking to obtain a super spa feeling, even in the smaller home bathroom.

 Furthermore, I think the bathroom accessories can help to create an atmosphere that responds to the need of tranquility with natural palettes in towels, bathrobes and a selected natural fragrance in a diffuser. They’re elevated essentials that’ll make your daily bath routine a luxe experience.

We have chosen specific brands for towels, as we need to give our clientele a guarantee in quality and we do intensive research, visit the factories before choosing a product for our Boutique of for our hospitality clientele.

We looked for a highly textured towel production that lends a substantial and well-defined elegance to any bathroom and spa décor. We have choosen gorgeous white natural and bright colors.

For the bath rugs, we have chosen timeless neutrals as well as bolder hues,that are some of our best-sellers due to their versatile style and top quality.

As far as amenities that decorate the bathroom and pamper your clients.We have a beautiful range of sumptuous products. The selection of these natural products from Italy are intrinsically linked to the creation of memorable experiences in our clients lifes, where is a vegetable soap, bath salt, body lotions. We look for the artisan touch in these products, we run away from industrial products as we think this a product for a discerning customer.