the Art of Sleep

Who these days do not experience long nights without being able to close the eyes. It is one of the most unhealthy habits not being able to sleep properly and recover from long days of work.

Dr. Michael Breus, author of Beauty Sleep and The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan.

“When we experience long-term exhaustion, disappointment in our productivity, illness, weight gain and general feelings of depression and dissatisfaction with life,” he says, “few of us stop to consider the one thing that can alleviate, if not prevent, all that: sleep.”

Sleep is transformative, he says. While sleeping, the body regulates hormones that control appetite and metabolism. During deep sleep, the body releases a growth hormone that has a rejuvenating effect on the mind and body. Dr. Breus considers sleep to be a “natural cosmetic” that restores skin elasticity, smoothes wrinkles, strengthens hair and nails and boosts metabolism.

Here some tips from Dr. Breus on how to get more sleep:

  1. Rise. Shine. Repeat. Waking up at the same time every day sets your body on the right sleeping schedule regardless of the time you went to bed.
  1. Let the Sun Shine In. Whether it’s through the window or on your way to work, getting direct sun for 15 minutes every day helps your body reset its internal clock.
  1. Have a Nap-a-Latte. If you need a midday pick-me-up, drink one cup of cool-drip coffee followed by a 20-minute nap before 2 p.m. The caffeine kicks in by the time the nap ends. 
  1. Make Your Bed. Clean Your Room. People sleep better in a made bed and a tidy bedroom. Change your sheets at least once a week. Invest time and money in a pillow and mattress that is comfortable for you.

 As Bea e Martina, We would love to add :

    • Create a special environment , use our vanille and verbeine new scent to create that special light and  cozy feeling in your bedroom.
    • Light a candle if you fancy to read a book.
    • Chose light tones for your bed sheets.
    • Get the best pillow that suits your sleeping style.

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