Taking care of your towels and bathrobes


We highly recommend to wash your towels and bathrobes at home , chosing a biodegradable liquid detergent, we do not advise to send your towels to Laundry.

Wash towels on the gentle cycle. Generally speaking towels do not get very dirty because you dry yourself when you are clean. So they only require gentle washing which helps prolong the life and fluffiness of the towel.


Wash your towels and bathrobes in a pure soap that does not contain fabric brighteners (code for bleach) or fabric conditioners (code for reduced absorbency). Use the smallest amount of soap possible, probably half of what you think you need or the manufacturer recommends. Towels respond well to oxygen bleach (colour safe if necessary) in every second or third wash. It keeps the colours bright and the whites white.

DO NOT, let us repeat, DO NOT use any form of fabric conditioner or soap with fabric conditioner to wash your towels. Fabric conditioner substantially reduces the absorbency of your towels.


To keep your towels soft and fluffy dry them in a tumble dryer or finish them in a tumble dryer. This will raise the pile for a soft fluffy feel.If you line dry your towels and prefer a softer fluffy feel we advise you to "flick" your towels before hanging them on the line. Hold them on the end and flick them so they snap (like cracking a whip). Do this on both ends and the pile will stand up and dry that way.

It is preferred to dry your towels and bathrobes in the shade not in the direct sunlight. It is very easy for the ultra violet rays and heat to over dry the cotton fibers thus reducing the life of your towels.