How to care for lingerie and delicates

Our lingerie collections and baby delicates are made 100% of cotton and some have percentage of micromodal. Here are some quick tips to ensure that your lingerie and delicates remain in pristine shape and last for a long time:

Always wash your lingerie and delicates at home.

Unless otherwise specified on the garment care label, hand wash in warm water using laundry soap or a detergent without enzymes

Use a gentle plunging action and avoid rubbing

Do not hand wring or tumble dry

Dry out of direct sunlight (dry lace flat)

Iron on a cool setting if necessary.

To avoid dye transferring to other garments, always wash them separately

When washing lace, lingerie, and other delicate items in the washing machine, always follow the machine manufacturers’ instructions and use the delicate or gentle cycle

To minimise the risk of damage to your delicate items, always place them in a laundry bag when laundering in the washing machine.