Lotus Home Fragrance

Lotus Home Fragrance Feature

This month's fragrance is truly our favourite. LOTUS! Unique in the United Arab Emirates at BEA e MARTINA.

Lotus is deeply symbolic and is used globally to communicate peace, tranquility and harmony. Just like the symbolic intention and the flower itself, our Lotus Fragrance has a layering ability which transcends to create an experience across your home and life.

Discover Tranquil Lotus Bath Foam

BEA e MARTINA Lotus scented Bath Salts and Bath Foam are relaxing and transformative. Elegant, clean and crisp in scent notes. We recommend that these products are used together. The specially sourced Italian salts help soothe tired muscles whilst the bath foam complements and helps to maintain the skin's moisture levels, leaving your skin rejuvenated. 

Spritz Bed Sheets with Lotus Room Spray

The Lotus Room Spray can be simply spritzed onto your bed linen and bed sheets before bed time to enhance a good night's rest. 

Throughout the day your home can be filled with a sense of tranquility and our range of Home Diffusers available in a various sizes and designs will beautifully enhance your home decor. 

The BEA e MARTINA Lotus scent is truly a fragrance that can be woven into many aspects of your daily life. Come and discover it in the Boutique in CITY WALK, Dubai or by shopping online now!

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