Home Styling with Fragrance

Create An Ambient Home With Fragrance

The United Arab Emirates cooler months and occasional rain create the perfect opportunity to spend time indoors with your friends and family. Ambient fragrance can be a fabulous way to make your space more cosy and personal.  

At BEA e MARTINA quality fragrance and scent are critical but we believe that a beautiful fragrance should contribute aesthetically to your home and synergise with your home fragrance for the ultimate effect.

Fragrance As An Accessory

Fragrance is an accessory. It adds depth and character. It allows you to give each space in your home a different feel.  Whether your  candles take their place in complimenting candle holders, decorated home diffusers, or simple fragrance sprays, each have the ability to produce their own nuance in fragrance and presence.

Scented Candles, Home Diffusers or Fragrant Sprays? 

Each have different uses. With diffusers, you can set them down and forget about them, so they’re good for continual, overall ambience.  BEA e MARTINA selects the most classic designs and elegant liquid colour to blend into your home.

Scented Candles are best for an intimate event, like dinner or an indulgent bath or perhaps time out reading your favourite book. Most importantly the candle light sets a mood, too, welcoming, mesmerising and relaxing. 

The best fragrant sprays have a very fine dispersion. If droplets hit you when you walk through the mist, that’s not a fine spray. Spritzing linens can be nice. BEA e MARTINA sprays are made specifically for fabric so they don’t leave a stain.

How To Select the Right Fragrance ?

Think of it like music. In a living room, you’d usually want soft background music, Linen, Lotus, Talc & Musk. But for a party where you’d turn on lively music, you’d want a happy, social fragrance that gets noticed, Wild Rose, Oud or Sandalwood.

Sticking with a single element may draw too much attention.  You’re much better off with a multifaceted fragrance that’s hard to pinpoint. 

Our Top Tips For Selecting The Right Scented Candle

Rub your finger on the wax around the wick to release the fragrance before you sniff. And beware of liquid beading on top. That’s the sign of a poorly made candle. It means the fragrance and the wax aren’t compatible.  

Scented Candle Trends

Our new scented candle arrivals are exclusive to BEA e MARTINA. Featuring Australian brand 'The Luxuriate'.  Hand poured and are refillable. Double wicked for a superior burn up to 70 hours. Each candle can be housed in your choice of a marble, concrete, onyx, or rose quartz artisan canisters with bronze lids to preserve the scent. Scents include tobacco, vetiver, rosa, temple, white woods. 

Only available from our flagship boutique in CITY WALK.

BEA e MARTINA Scented candle and holder by Luxuriate           BEA e MARTINA Carrara Candle Holder          BEA e MARTINA Scented Candle Marble holder by Luxuriate